Found a cat?


If you find a stray cat, there are several actions to take to find a happy solution.


1. Please fill in a found report form here and lodge the form to


2. If the cat is friendly enough to be picked up, bring the cat to your local vet to check for a microchip, to contact the owner. In addition, possibly ask your local vet to check for details such as approximate age, gender and if it is desexed so that we can have a more accurate found report to update on our website for owners to recognise their lost cat (i.e. Especially if it's a black cat, such details are important!)


3. Contact your local council, as of November 1st 2013 all stray cat enquiries are the councils responsibility.


4. You should speak with your neighbours (within a 10-house radius) to ensure it doesn’t belong to a nearby household.


5. Phone vet clinics in the area to see if they have received a lost report for the cat.


6. If you have no luck finding the cat's owner and if you are in a position to keep the cat, even if temporarily, we suggest that you place an advertisement in your local paper and in Saturday’s Lost & Found section of The West Australian.


7. Also distribute posters and flyers around your neighbourhood and shopping centres.


8. You can also place a post on Perth Pets Lost and Found on Facebook, and 


9. If you are not in a position to keep the cat, we are open for surrenders Monday to Friday 8:30am - 11am and weekends 9am - 10:30am by appointment only. Kindly call reception to make an appointment at 9442 3600.


Please note, that there a $10 fee to surrender a stray cat as it costs Cat Haven $28 per cat per day so this fee goes toward ensuring we can continue to take in over 6,500 cats per year. 

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